jueves, 19 de abril de 2012

In a busy world

It is the year 3,100 and all the humans live very busy.

There is no time for sleeping, even when we have evolved so much and now we only need about 4 hours to refill our minds to the maximum energy level. But no one sleeps 4 hours, that would be considered as sloth.

Each one of us, both men and women, were provided with a holographic smart phone, a V-7,435 space shuttle car and a two bedrooms anti V-rays and acid rain house. The Supreme Eye gives us all we need to be more and more productive.

We normally sleep 2 hours, drink our 100 ml of morning water and eat our 50 gr. cereal breakfast. Lack of water has been a problem since the year 2,300 so every portion is rationalized, we are under strict control not to break the rules related to feeding.

It is a good thing that scientists can freely manipulate our genetic codes whenever; that way if one of us starts to need more food or gets more thirsty, with a very basic genetic surgery this issue can be resolved. I have had about 10 surgeries myself; and now I´m a totally adapted to the system person.

We can´t have children by natural ways, so we only grow them in laboratories, where they stay until the age of 13, when they start being productive for our society.

Schools don´t exist anymore. I read on some ancient texts that those were places where people used to go and acquire knowledge. It sounds interesting, probably our ancestors enjoyed it.

Now we can connect microchips to our brain-breeder device, and all the content transfers to it directly; so we can access to any sort of information in a matter of seconds. That makes this world very competitive. We struggle to buy the latest microchips. Each year the Supreme Eye releases new sets, which are very expensive. But we understand it is for our own wellness and also good for the performance levels.

Our money is not like the Ancient one, we have no coins or bills. We control thousands of e-means, such as digitalized plastic cards (plastic is no longer available on Earth), virtual gold worth papers and oxygen tickets. Those are very valuable, oxygen is a precious good.

And it´s only available in huge quantities for those who work-non-stop and sleep only 1 hour. 

But the most precious and worthy good, is love. 

I read in one of my microchips that during the XXI Century, people used to have love in big amounts. And they manifested it in different ways, such as kissing (which is apparently and act of touching lips between two human beings), holding hands, hugging and sharing their lives, even living together. They also used to communicate quite a lot with each other, by sending short messages with their rudimentary phones, making physical calls, like dialing numbers on a device, and also writing emails.

I found those hard to imagine, we now can´t have any sort of physical interaction, because of health reasons. We could start a huge pandemic, like the one we survived two years ago, after a rebel decided to break a window and let the air come in an office meeting room. Most humans in there died by breathing it, as it was not sanitized like the one The Supreme Eye provides us. And those who survived transferred those viruses to other humans and so the chaos started.

It is said that love back then could also heal heart illnesses. And mental troubles. And that it was the motive for many people to enjoy life and be happy. By loving each other, humans used to give themselves entirely to other human beings, help those in need, share time with their “families” (a group of people from the same blood specie), have dinners and parties with “friends”, travel to areas where they could breath in open-air spaces, such as the so called “mountains” or “beaches”. Love was everywhere, and no one had to pay for it. It was a natural feeling growing from the inner of humans.

But apparently, there were also some other people who decided to spend most of their time working and who chose not to be with those “loved ones” much.

I guess we are their heirs.  

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Marina dijo...

Brilliant! Reminds me of D.Lynch's Dune!